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James was born in Alaska. Since he was young, he has been fly fishing with his father. From that time on, he was hooked (pun intended). Learning to fly fish from his dad, who learned from his grandfather, James quickly became completely enthralled with the sport. Since then, he’s fly fished all over the world, from the Caribbean to Argentina and even in Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia.

Even though he’s a young man but with nearly twenty years of fly fishing knowledge under his belt and having accumulated more fly fishing gear than he cares to admit, he decided to create a fly fishing blog that will inspire people to fish. More than that, he helps people improve their fishing skills even more through this blog

Even though he knew he had a lot of experience in fly fishing, he was also aware that his own expertise wouldn’t be enough to create the most comprehensive and most beneficial fly fishing blog online. That’s why he decided to team up with the other incredible professional fly fishermen and women who also share their expertise in fly fishing on this blog. Together, over 40 years of experience on this website, all from anglers who love fly fishing and who are always after that next big trout, and who are happy to have you along for the journey.

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